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The Mitternacht Society

Games begin at midnight.

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The Mitternact Society


...You have been cordially invited to join The Mitternacht Society. Please do not share the contents of this letter with anyone.

Upon reviewing your background and information we, The Mitternacht Society, have deemed you worthy to participate in a series of games and events. Please fill out the following form and return it in the enclosed envelope promptly.

Should you decide to decline this invitation, simply dispose of the envelope and all of its contents, you shall not receive any other invitation from The Mitternacht Society. The form must be signed and postmarked within three days of receiving this letter in order for you to be considered an Honorary Member of The Mitternacht Society. If the form is not returned it shall be considered a declaration of your intent to decline the invitation.

Participants will be compensated for their time and participation for each game played in the form of credits; for exceptional performance, gifts and bonuses will be rewarded. Participation is free; you will never be charged any fees at any time.


The Premise

You’d heard the rumors, somewhere in Solena there was the existence of a secret underground society. It seemed rather farfetched, like some sort of conspiracy theory until one day you received an envelope with your name written neatly in calligraphy. Inside there’s a black pin that looks a little like an eclipse and a letter inviting you to join The Mitternacht Society.

The letter clearly states that you will not be invited a second time and you have three days to respond. Simply sign your name and return it in the unaddressed envelope inside and await further instruction. Really, what have you got to lose?


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Social capital

  • less than 10